PCExpress Acceptable Use Policy

PCExpress was created for the benefit of my friends and family and is not used for these actions:

Hosting a "WAREZ" FTP or Web site that hosts copyrighted software for others to download for free.

Running a mail server, and spamming others from a PCExpress E-mail Name from your Mail Server or another mail server using your Internet Name.

Hosting an FTP or Web site that obviously is distributing pornography.

Using a PCExpress Host Name in a spam or UCE Email.

It shall be a violation of PCExpress Policy to use our infrastructure or any equipment for the purpose of or in connection with making threats, harassment, harm to minors, fraudulent activity, forgery, impersonation, theft of identity, collection of personal data, transmission of unsolicited commercial email or unsolicited bulk email, attempting to access the accounts of others, or to penetrate, or attempt to penetrate, any security measures of PCExpress or its Honest Users.

Any other malicious act using a PCExpress DDNS or related URL Name.

PCExpress is not an answer service. Any inquiries concerning software operations and possible problems must be referred to the manufacturer of that software package.

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Any email with attachments will be automatically rejected.