HELICYCLE Mostly completed KIT FOR

$25,000 (not incl extras shown)

I opted for the Rotax 700cc engine and purchased all the needed items (exhaust system, pulleys, ignition, starter, carbs, etc.)
Engine is not yet mounted, so installing a turbine is still an option for the buyer.

There is still some modest amount of construction left to do such as painting the cabin, wiring and fuel tanks and radiator (for the rotax.)
Most of the major work is done:
Airframe(assembled and painted with Imron)
Rotor blades(all work done except mounting)
Tail rotor and tail fins
Cyclic Collective Pedals swashplate
Cabin and windscreen
Instrument Pod
TR plus drive shaft and gearbox
transmission mounted and painted
Photo logs and all construction videos and prints included.

The helicopter has been kept in a heated garage and everything kept oiled and clean including the transmission and TR gearbox being turned to circulate oil every so often.

No holes have yet been drilled in frame for radiator mount, (a plus if a turbine is to be installed.)

Additional Items available
Custom trailer
DSS electronic balancer  (photo at right)
Icom A22 nav/com radio
Garmin GPS 89 aviation handheld
Standard Horizon FF41 Fuel flow computer
Flight instruments(Airspeed VSI Altimeter compass)
EIS digital engine monitor (Rpm EGT's CHT's coolant temp voltage more)

Engine related items
Rotax 700cc twin cylinder engine
Eagle R&D tuned pipe from factory ship
intake housing and air filters
Mikuni V40 slide carbs
Mixture control system
Rotax CDI ignition
output pulley and coupling
V belts
radiator and cooling system as supplied with kit

This is the same model that was flown and dyno tested by BJ on the factory ship(photo above) and I have the installation video.
I believe this to be a viable engine for the Helicycle,but knowledge of tuning a 2-stroke required to get it set up properly. The factory no longer offers support for anything but the turbine.

The "51% Rule" requires only that the majority of the work be performed for "Education or Recreation." It does not require that the majority be performed by a *single builder*. When you go to certify the aircraft, you will be required to submit a signed affidavit that the airplane was constructed for education or recreation. Anyone considering buying a partially completed kit should read AC20-139 dated 4/3/96, Item 8. Suprise, it's good news from the FAA. Work done by a previous non-comercial builder counts towards the 51%.

I am located in Madison, Connecticut.

email me: alhammer3@yahoo.com
phone 203-245-6121