A Longer Example

Below is a longer example of an HTML document. Notice that spaces in this file help you figure out where heads are used, where a list is placed, etc. Spacing within your source file is quite useful when you go back into the file to make changes or to "debug" your HTML.

You can look at the formatted version when you are done checking through the coding.

    <TITLE>A Longer Example</TITLE>
    <BODY  text="#FFFFFF" BGCOLOR="#000000">
    <H1>Something a Bit More Complex</H1>
    This is a relatively simple HTML document.  Simple
    is in the eye of the beholder, but if you study what is included
    in this beginner's guide, you can create documents like this
    with no problem!
    <H2>Special Effects (header 2)</H2>
    The second paragraph shows some special effects: a 
    word in <I>italics</I> and a word in <B>bold</B>.
    Here is an inlined GIF image: <IMG SRC="BarHotlist.gif">. 
    This is the third paragraph, which demonstrates links. A hypertext link 
    from the word <A HREF = "/TEST/index.html">INDEX!</A>
    to a document called "/TEST/index.html" exists but if you 
    try to follow this link, you may get an error screen. 
    <H2>A Bit of Poetry (header 2)</H2>
    Here is a section of text that should display in a 
    fixed-width font when it is formatted: 
          On the stiff twig up there
          Hunches a wet black rook
          Arranging and rearranging its feathers in the rain ...
    <H2>A List (header 2)</H2>
    This is a unordered list of my favorite fruit: 
      <LI> cranberries
      <LI> blueberries
    <H2>You're Done! (header 2)</H2>
    This is the end of the longer sample document. 
    <ADDRESS>Webmaster (Webmaster@TheOldDub.com)</ADDRESS>
Click here to see the formatted version.
Example from A Beginner's Guide to HTML / revised March 96