File Management Programs

Some Windows 9x programs which are helpful in managing files, especially over FTP

Folder Printing

Folder printing programs are useful in maintaining large offline collections of files. They allow you to make a directory of an entire CDR or backup tape that can be kept online using a fraction of the space and still be searched.

Windows Explorer extenders

These programs extend Windows Explorer by adding tabs in the properties dialog box. adds a tab in the properties dialog which permits changing the creation and modification dates of files. adds a tab to the properties dialog which allows you see the folders and sub folders sizes (in a hierarchical tree). To access to the options (units, sort, etc.) a contextual menu is provided.

More information on these programs is available at Space Dolphins

Explorer substitutes

Let's face it, Explorer doesn't do everything Emulator of Norton Commander which allows up to 10 FTP connections to be manipulated as easily as hard drives - used to upload this entire site.

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