Monitoring the battery status

You can monitor the battery status by using the battery status indicator and the Fuel-Gauge program.

Using the battery status indicator

If the battery pack is installed, the battery status indicator shows its current status. Compare the battery status indicator with the following table to determine the condition of your battery:
Status Condition
Green Enough power remains for operation.
Orange The battery pack is being charged.
Blinking orange The battery pack needs charging. If the indicator starts blinking orange, the computer beeps three times.

  • The battery pack is not installed.

  • The computer is turned off or is in suspend mode when the AC Adapter is not connected.

You should take corrective actions if the battery status indicator is blinking orange, and your computer sounds three consecutive beeps. (If your computer enters suspend mode because of a low-battery condition, data in memory might be lost.)

Immediately connect the AC Adapter to the computer.

Then take either of the following actions:

  • To continue your work with the AC Adapter, press the Fn key.


  • To continue your work with a fully charged battery pack, do the following:

    1. Replace the battery pack with a fully charged one.
      ( User's Reference.)

    2. Press the Fn key.

    3. Disconnect the AC Adapter from the computer.

If you do not take corrective actions within about 30 seconds, the computer will enter suspend mode.

Do not leave the computer in this condition for an extended time. Data in memory will be lost.

Using the Fuel-Gauge program

By using the Fuel-Gauge program, you can display the battery status and power mode (High Performance, Automatic, or Customized).

If you are using the secondary battery, you can see the secondary battery status with the Fuel-Gauge program. In the Fuel-Gauge program window are with two gauges: 1 is for main battery status and 2 is for secondary battery. The computer uses secondary battery first. When you are charging batteries, the computer charges the main battery first.

You also can select suspend or hibernation mode.

To start the Fuel-Gauge program, click Start, move the cursor to Program and ThinkPad, and then click the Fuel-Gauge. The following window appears:


  1. The "current power mode" icon depends on the power mode.

  2. The "power source" icon depends on the power source. ( is for the AC Adapter and is for battery pack.)

  3. The "duration of remaining power" indicator does not appear when the AC Adapter is connected.
You can minimize the window to an icon by clicking the icon () at the top of the window. You can toggle between the Fuel-Gauge window and its icon by pressing the Fn + F2 key combination.