PC Card interface

16-bit PC Cards

Most PC Cards are 16-bit PC Cards (PCMCIA 2.0 or 2.1), providing ISA device performance.

CardBus cards

The CardBus card is connected as a PCI device and provides higher performance than does the 16-bit PC Card.

ZV cards

The Zoomed Video port interface provides the connection for the ZV card. The ZV card enables you to write video data directly to an input port of the graphics controller. The following video-related cards are considered ZV cards:

The ZV card cannot be used without a PC Card device driver and a display device driver.

When you use PC Cards, be aware of the following restrictions:

  • Although you can insert or remove some PC Cards without turning off the computer (refer to the instructions that came with the PC Card), you cannot remove or install PC Cards during suspend or hibernation mode.

  • Before removing storage PC Cards from the PC Card slot, you must power off the computer. Otherwise, data in the PC Card might be corrupted or lost.
    Note: According to the operating system, you can stop the PC Card with the PC Card support software and remove it without powering off the computer. For details "Stopping the PC Card".