PC Card support software

ThinkPad PC Card support software enables you to use a PC Card as soon as you insert it into the ThinkPad computer.

Each operating system needs its own ThinkPad PC Card support software, as follows:

To install the PC Card software Installing a new operating system and its device drivers.

The following table shows the PC Cards supported by Windows 98 and the different PC Cards support software:
 Windows 98    Windows 95    CardWizard (Windows NT 4.0) 
16-bit PC Card  Supported    Supported    Supported2  
CardBus Card  Supported   Supported    Supported2  
ZV Card  Note 1   Note 1   Not supported  
1Check the Web site of the card vendor.
2 See the SystemSoft Web site for the list of cards that CardWizard supports: http://www.systemsoft.com/products/pccard/certcard/index.shtm
Your computer supports CardWizard Version 4.1.

When you insert the PC Card into your ThinkPad computer:

Power management

Depending on the function of the PC Card, changing the power state might cause your ThinkPad computer to hang. PC Card support software prevents this occurrence through special handling during power state transition.

For more information about the PC Card support software, go to the appropriate section.