Help through a ThinkPad Web site

You can also contact us on the Internet for answers to your technical support questions. If you link to our support home page, you can search for technical tips, download update drivers, and find out about many other things. You can visit the site at the following URL:

Personalized Web-based PC support provides PC users easy access to online support, including a personalized IBM Web site tailored to their machine type, computing environment, and such individual interests as business applications or games. After you set up a profile with IBM, you are thereafter greeted by name and presented targeted information selected specifically to meet your particular needs. For example, if you are a corporate ThinkPad user, you might receive information on Microsoft Windows NT and remote connectivity.

You can also choose to receive proactive E-mail, alerting you to time-saving hints and tips and such product-specific updates as modem speed and BIOS files. Interactive Web-based forums are monitored around the clock by IBM specialists, complementing its support on all the major Internet service providers.

You can set up your profile at:

You can get always get the latest information about ThinkPad computers at the following Web site:

IBM may make improvements or changes to these Web sites at any time without any notice.