Ergonomics information

This is important information you should read before using your computer in your "virtual office".

Working in the virtual office might mean adapting to frequent changes in your environment. Following some simple "rules of the road" will make things easier and bring you the maximum benefits of your computer. Keeping in mind such basics as good lighting and proper seating, for example, can go a long way in helping you enhance your performance and achieve greater comfort wherever you are.


The example shown here is of someone in a traditional setting. Even when not in such a setting, you can follow many of these tips. Develop good habits, and they will serve you well.

Keep your head in a comfortable and vertical position.

Maintain a comfortable viewing distance of 510-760 mm (20-30 in.).

Position the display to avoid glare or reflections from overhead lighting or outside sources of light.

Keep the display screen clean and set the contrast and brightness to levels that allow you to see the screen clearly.

Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest.

Keep your forearms, wrists, and hands in a relaxed and neutral position. Don't pound the keys; type with a soft touch.

Use a chair that gives you good back support.

What if you are traveling?

It may not be possible to observe the best ergonomic practices when you are using your computer while on the move or in a "casual" setting. Regardless of the setting, try to observe as many of the tips for proper usage as possible. Sitting properly and using adequate lighting, for example, will help you maintain desirable comfort and performance levels.

Questions about vision?

IBM's visual display screens are designed to meet the highest standards and to provide you with clear, crisp images and large, bright displays that are easy to see, yet easy on the eyes. Of course, any concentrated and sustained visual activity can be tiring. If you have questions on eye fatigue or visual discomfort, consult a vision care specialist for advice.